A journey through South American streets, New England scenery, Philly ‘hoods, snow-covered Utah mountains, and the Eastern European countryside:

Act I: Christine's Revenge. Riding burnt-out and abandoned cars in Argentina.

Act II: Las Calles Provee. Coast to coast in South America, primarily Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile.

Act: III: Corridors. N.Y., D.C., and a bunch of places in between.

Act IV: Boundless. Snowbiking in Utah.

Act V: Duran Duran. Father/ son split section with Grimaldo Duran and George Duran.

Act VI: Henry's Voyage. Transition trek around New England in a vintage VW van.

Act VII: Antons. Cross country from Poland to Ukraine with Anton Kutafin.

Video run time: 30 minutes



    This video began early 2016, with a somewhat kooked idea inspired by the 80s cult classic movie "Christine". It soon blossomed into something way more involved than what was originally thought to put together. Like all the best things in life, it just sort of happened.

    From day one, ...